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Merek’s CEO and Founder

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Michael C. Davis leads Merek.io as its CEO and Founder. His research and technical focus, other than providing top-notch professional security services, is to produce a cybersecurity firm that takes into account human behavior as it relates to cyber-mindfulness and awareness.

His keen ingenuity and passion for mindfulness and technology have fueled decades of accomplishments in technology and innovation throughout his career. His 22-year career within the United States Navy, married with his Information Security work with Boeing, IBM, and the Los Alamos National Laboratory has been widely recognized for his cross-sector competence and his ability to analyze—and redefine—technology markets, businesses, and mindfulness within cybersecurity. Michael also enjoys the process of being creative within technology and finds that the dialogue that unfolds from making people feel comfortable ties deeply into the why he has chosen a career within cybersecurity and human behavior.  

Michael earned his bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Language, holds a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership, and before opening the doors to his own cybersecurity firm, he was pursuing a doctoral degree in Information Technology with a focus on Technical Innovation Management. His book, Cyber Happiness: A Technology Mindfulness Journey, is expected to be published within the next year.


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